Green Edible Oil Sdn. Bhd. (GEO) which is located in Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia was established on 9th of May 2005 in response to global awareness and increasing demands for sustainable fuel. Moving in tandem, Malaysian Government introduced National Biofuel Policy to spur biofuel development has so far benefited GEO. GEO also has benefited from its Pioneer Status through Tax exemption and incentives to produce sustainable biofuel at a competitive and viable price in the market.

GEO has set the sight on Europe and United State market where demands for biofuel are high due to the biofuel regulations. Advantages of using biodiesel as an alternative fuel, even in small percentages, are attributed to its greatly reduced emissions of greenhouse gas compared to petroleum diesel. Biodiesel is also safer to handle due to its biodegradability and low toxicity.

GEO is in the process of implementing ISO 9000 as well as getting Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certification to ensure the product quality is complied to EN14214 and ASTM Standard and produced from sustainable source.

To provide an alternative fuel resource that would be cost effective and environment friendly.
To be a Malaysian industrial leader in the alternative fuel resource industry within the next 2 years.